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Give up Smoking

Acupuncture can support you in your decision to ‘Giving up Smoking’

Around 10 million people in Britain smoke but only 30-40 per cent try to give up each year. Even then, it is one of the most easily broken resolutions – a stressful day… a social occasion….can tempt you.

However, within as little as two weeks, you will begin to feel the health benefits of giving up smoking with improved lung function as well as having more money in your pocket.

Some people find that acupuncture provides support whilst they give up smoking. It works by nourishing and balancing the body, helping to relieve stress, while boosting and soothing liver function, which in turn helps in detoxification.

Acupuncture can help to minimise side effects of irritability, mood swings, increased appetite and coughing.

Evidence shows that acupuncture can significantly decrease cigarette consumption and withdrawal symptoms with lasting effect (Wu et al 2007).

Find out more about ‘Give up smoking’ packages, which will use a combination of ear and body acupuncture points to support you in your important pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.