Chinese Herbal Medicine

It has long been understood in many cultures that food is medicine and herbs have been used for thousands of years to maintain health as well as strengthening the body in order to repair disease.

Chinese Herbal Medicine dates back thousands of years with herbal formulas and treatments based on Chinese Medicine theory and practice which are used and adapted for modern health issues. Herbal formulas are designed specifically for the individual based on their diagnosis whole herbs, powders or pills.

A formula is a combination of herbs which is used primarily to enable the body to get backnto working with ease as opposed to with disease. Problems often become apparent with pain or skin problems, or when cycles such as sleep, digestion, menstruation are out of sync, when the body gets out of time.

Often we notice these changes particularly at times of transition such as around puberty, fertility or the menopause or during stressful periods of our lives.

In my practice I use high quality Chinese whole herbs which are and grown according to the DaoDi principle.

This means these certified herbs are grown in the right place and harvested at the right time, ensuring authenticity, the highest standards and complete traceability, as well as adhering to EU regulations. They are taken as a tea made by boiling whole herbs or more often ground herbs. The formula is changed as the treatment progresses.

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